(Update 2021) IELTS Listening Part 2 Sample Test 2 Free


ELTS Listening Part 2 Sample Test 2

Questions 11-14

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.
11 What kind of changes is the station making?
A. relocation
B. reconstruction
C. expansion
12 The original buildings on the site were
A. houses.
B. industrial buildings.
C. shops.
13 Firstly the station intended to use the site as
A. a leisure centre.
B. a car park.
C. a lounge.
14 The new buildings will be situated to the right side of
A. the shopping district.
B. the apartment blocks.
C. the new formal gardens.

Question 15- 20

Label the map below.
Write the correct letter, A-G, next to questions 15-20.

Leisure Complex Plan
Leisure Complex Plan

15 Cafe
16 Taxi Rank
17 CarPark
18 Passenger Waiting Area
19 Waiting Area for Wheelchair Users
20 Tourist Office


ELTS Listening Part 2 Sample Test 2
ELTS Listening Part 2 Sample Test 2

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