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Pacific tapa cloth

Questions 21—24

Pacific tapa cloth
21 Pacific tapa cloth is different from other types of tapa cloth because it is
A the only tapa made today.
B better quality than others.
C put to a wider range of uses.
22 What does Helen say about the paper mulberry tree?
A It is also a source of food.
B It is not native to the Pacific.
C It can grow in any environment.

23 Why did Maori people of New Zealand stop making tapa?
A They could not find the right trees in New Zealand.
B They were introduced to other fabrics by the Europeans.
C They found a better material for making fabric.
24 Large pieces of tapa are made from smaller pieces which are
A stuck together.
B woven together.
C sewn together.

Questions 25—30

According to the speakers, what function has tapa cloth played in the following countries?
A recreational
B practical
C spiritual
D commercial

25 Samoa
26 Tonga
27 Cook Islands
28 Fiji
29 Tahiti
30 Tikopia


Pacific tapa cloth
Pacific tapa cloth

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